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Did you know the average Atlanta Dance teacher has twenty years of experience?
It's the real difference in making learning to dance fun and easy.
Meet our staff!

Jim Day, Owner/Operator
Jim is a professional ballroom dance instructor and the co-owner of Atlanta Dance. He has owned seven dance studios over the years. Jim has training in all levels of American style dance. He began his training with the Fred Astaire organization and was with them for 25 years. Jim’s love of teaching social dancing has kept him in the dance business.

Wayne Zwick, Owner/Operator
From Florida to Hong Kong, New York to Buenos Aries, Wayne has been dancing, teaching, choreographing and performing for over two decades. His unique professional experience includes performing with the world's premiere theatrical ballroom dance company, American Ballroom Theater.


Vonnie Marie

As a dance enthusiast with a desire to expand her professional knowledge, Vonnie directed her talent to the Fred Astaire Dance studio’s instructors’ program, where she studied and later began teaching.

Cindy Lu Esparza
Cindy is glad to be a part of the Atlanta Dance family where she has trained many hours with our talented instructors. Growing up with both parents being dance instructors, she learned ballroom dancing at an early age. Come out and dance with Cindy!


Kiki Silvestar

Loves to teach and dance Ballroom, Latin, Theatre Arts and Cabaret. Enjoys performing and competitive style dancing. Sign up if you want to be a star!

Tatyana Heath

Tatyana is a passionate and professional ballroom dance instructor with over 30 years' experience. She started dancing at age 5, later became a Kazakhstan national champion in International Ballroom and accepted a teaching position as a ballroom instructor. She then immigrated to the United States where she worked and performed for the Arthur Murray studio, got certified and taught American style Ballroom. Tatyana loves to choreograph, teach and perform at Atlanta Dance.  Dance is her true passion, and she looks forward to sharing her love of dance with you!